COVID-19 Information


Click here for the "Pre Lesson Health And Sanitation Check" to be completed by the student 15 minutes before EVERY lesson


Please see the following links to download the Official NHS Covid-19 Track & Trace App for your mobile phone.  The instructor will provide the QR code for you to scan to initiate your check in.




Your driving instructor will also complete a Milton-DS Vehicle Sanitation Form before EVERY lesson




Updated UK government guidelines means that Milton-DS will resume driving lessons from the 11/07/20

The latest announcement was made by the UK government on 26/06/20:

"Driving lessons and theory tests will restart on Saturday 4 July 2020 in England, and car driving tests will restart from Wednesday 22 July 2020."  You can read the full article here.

Milton-DS has devised a strategy for when lessons and tests resume to ensure the safety of it's pupils, drivers and the general public.  Please check back frequently for the most up to date information as the situation has been changing rapidly.

In the meantime Milton-DS wishes all it's pupils and families the best and to ensure that they stay safe.

CURRENT PLANNED STRATEGY (subject to change without notice)


Before collecting a pupil for a lesson


  • The car will be cleaned and ‘hotspots’ sanitised before each lesson.  This will be logged via the instructor on a vehicle sanitation report for which a copy will be available via email to the pupil by request.


  • 15 minutes before the lesson is due to commence the pupil will be expected to complete a form which will act to assist the completion of a risk assessment to whether the lesson can proceed.  This can be filled out on the pupils phone or a computer in their house.


  • The instructor will wait outside the pupil’s agreed pickup location and will not approach the residence.  The instructor may call the pupil.


  • The instructor may also make a visual assessment to whether the pupil is fit to proceed with the lesson, looking out for symptoms which may indicate a COVID-19 infection.


  • Hand Sanitiser will be provided by Milton-DS however the pupil will be expected to provide their own face covering (covering their nose and mouth) which is to be worn at all times during the lesson and strictly when inside the vehicle.  Pupils may optionally provide their own gloves but must be responsible for their disposal.


  • The pupil will be required to wear appropriate clothing covering arms and legs.  Face covering is mandatory.


  • As a close contact service, Milton-DS is required to participate in the UK Government Trace & Trace program.  The instructor will provide a QR code for the pupil to scan via the NHS COVID-19 app available on both Android and Apple mobile phone platforms.



During a lesson


  • The pupil and the instructor will be expected to refrain from touching their faces, nose and mouth.


  • Visual aids, stationary and other teaching tools will be refrained from sharing. If contact occurs, these will be sanitised immediately after the lesson has ended.


  • Any briefs or feedback longer than 2 minutes will take place outside of the vehicle.


  • If either the pupil or the instructor begins to exhibit symptoms during the lesson the session will immediately be terminated.


  • After the lesson has ended the pupil will be asked to use hand sanitiser before leaving the vehicle and reminded to follow UK government guidelines in relation to COVID-19 infection control.

Taking a pupil to a test


  • Extra time will be required in order for the vehicle to be sanitised before the examiner enters the vehicle and a vehicle sanitation report generated.


  • The driving instructor nor any other party will be able to accompany the pupil on the test with the exception of the examiner.


  • After the driving test has concluded the car will be sanitised and a vehicle santisation report generated.


Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) during COVID 19:


  • Enhanced terms and conditions will apply during the COVID-19 pandemic and will be in place until further notice.  


  • If a lesson is cancelled due to COVID-19 related reasons then there will be NO charge.  If a lesson is cancelled for this reason then this will be documented and will influence future action e.g if a pupil cancels due to self isolating then lessons upto 14 days in the future will be cancelled/rearranged.  


  • All other cancellations outside of the standard cancellation period may still be chargeable.